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Here Are Some Of The Powerful Speakers & Topics That Will Be At The 2019 3 Days Of Secrets Revealed…


Beware The 95%

If you don’t have clear direction for succeeding in your business, it’s difficult not to get dragged down by the 95% – the unsuccessful people in the world that love to make excuses, tell you everything that’s wrong, and try to convince you that you and your business will never be successful…

The bad news is we all slide into the negativity and excuses of the 95% on occasion, but the good news is there are very specific strategies you can employ to make sure you are in the top 5% of Inspection Businesses. In fact, during this presentation, we’ll show you the steps that will help take you to the top 1% of inspection businesses.


Making New Mavens Loyal

In the Mastermind Inspector Community, we focus a lot on marketing systems and strategies you can utilize to convince new referral sources to recommend you to their clients. Equally important is how you keep them as a loyal referral source after they have actually referred you business the first time. And that’s what you’ll discover in this valuable session. We’ll show you all of the pieces of the system we use to make sure that our marketing mavens refer their clients to us again and again.

Super Successful 5-Minute Presentations

As Mike says, presentations are the #1 fastest way to grow your business. And not every presentation has to be 30 to 60 minutes to effectively bring you business. In “Super Successful 5-Minute Presentations”, we’ll show you how to provide value, get your audience to know you, like you, trust you, and ultimately – want to refer you business – when you only have a few minutes to get your message across!

Ultimate Office Visits

During this valuable session, we’ll cover everything you need to know about office visits: what to do the first time you visit an office, what to deliver, what to say, how to book a presentation, and more. You’ll discover everything you need to know to make sure your time and marketing dollars are doing what they should be doing – getting you more business!

Getting Powerful Testimonials

Discover how to easily collect testimonials from your clients and customers! We’ll show you the exact strategies TexInspec uses, and you’ll walk away from this session knowing exactly how to utilize these valuable marketing tools to get you more clients and customers.

New Marketing Routes

Big Bang Marketing is all about how you can successfully and systematically market to your referral sources. A big part of that process is targeting the prospective referral sources that are most likely to refer you business, and then setting up consistent market routes to ensure that you are properly employing the business-generating strategies that we show you. But does the process end there?

In this special session, we’ll show you the special marketing strategies TexInspec has implemented that you can use when you are ready to really ramp up your marketing routes to the next level!

Empowering Language & Beliefs

In “Empowering Language & Beliefs”, international author and speaker Thomas Blackwell will show how all of the important, worthwhile steps you can take in your business and personal lives to make them more successful start with the type of language you speak. Discover how the way you speak about the things that are most important to you (your family, your business, your goals, etc.) is often the difference between whether or not you will truly succeed. This isn’t some pie-in-the-sky mystical process. Thomas will show you the real, practical reasons why and how what you say matters not only to you, but to your spouse, your children, your employees, and your clients & customers, and how utilizing simple strategies to re-frame the way you communicate with those around you can’t help but to bring you a more successful life and business.


What external forces are working against your business on a daily basis? At times, why does it seem like the world and most of the people you know, despite their best intentions, don’t really want you to succeed?

During this session, Home Inspector Marketing and Business Expert Mike Crow describes the important differences and distinctions between the majority of the people you have met and will encounter in life, and the elite few that are willing to do whatever it takes to be successful. He’ll reveal the The 6 Most Important Components Of Your Business Upon Which You Must Focus To Be Truly Successful, including Traction – how you can break down your long-term mission and vision into actionable steps so you can make real progress in your business.

And More Announcements Coming Soon…