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Join Me For This Year’s Must-Attend Business and Life-Changing Event Where You’ll Discover Closely Guarded Secrets From The Brightest Marketing Minds And Most Successful Home Inspectors From All Across North America At…

From the desk of:
Mike Crow
North America’s #1 and Only Home Inspector
Marketing and Business Coach

Will You Let Me Welcome You Into The Most Unusual Home Inspector’s Event In The World…

This is a SPECIAL Invitation to Join Us at The 3 Days of Secrets Revealed… GUARANTEED to Increase Your Revenue in 2018 or We’ll Give You Your Money Back PLUS $500.00 Just for Coming the First Day…

What Is The 3 Days Of Secrets Revealed?

The 3 Days of Secrets Revealed is the place and time “once-each-year” when the most experienced and successful home inspectors from all over the world gather to exchange information and learn marketing tools….and generously share their business strategies with new members of the Mastermind Inspector Community. Nothing like it occurs anywhere else – and couldn’t…

Some Of What You’ll Find At This Year’s 3 Days Of Secrets Revealed…

  • What you MUST DO to Be Successful In Your Business
  • Why Anyone can Build an Unstoppable Team
  • How to Get What You Want While Everyone Wins
  • How to Leverage the People You Already Know to Get the Money You’ve Yet to Receive
  • Powerful Marketing Strategies and Secrets Most Inspectors Don’t Know or Utilize
  • The Business Tools and Services You Need to Deliver World-Class Service
  • And MORE…

WARNING: If you don’t register now, you could easily be locked out. This 3 Days Of Secrets Revealed was 50% sold out before I ever wrote this letter!!!! — It always is: from returning alumni, word-of-mouth, people jumping the gun and insisting on registering long before we even set its date…

Dear Friend,

I know that if you’ve read this far you’re probably interested in finding out about the cost (really – the INVESTMENT) to attend. When, really, you ought to be able to skip the explanation of fee altogether and simply rush to register at whatever the fee is, to get up off your wallet and get in this game. Really, if I show you how to make THOUSANDS… TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS more in your Inspection Business each and every year, how can you afford NOT to attend this one-of-a-kind event?

Here’s what a couple of Mastermind Inspector Community members had to say…

“We Surpassed Last Year’s Numbers…”

“We did surpass last years numbers and have broken through the $500,000 mark…We have 4 inspectors and 3 assistants now, have two additional guys getting licensed at this time, and we’ll be hiring additional assistants…I feel like I need to be prepared for the additional inspections that should be generated by the additional and consistent marketing that is being done now…All of our success is due to being part of Mike Crow’s Millionaire Inspector Community and implementing more and more each year after we come back from 3 Days of Secrets Revealed.”

Dotty Dose

Chicago, Illinois

“Grew 3 Straight Years Using Big Bang Marketing…”

“Following this system our first year we had a 23% growth (really in half a year), and the second year a 106% growth! And this year we are 40% over last!
If you have Big Bang [Marketing] questions… we can help.”

John and Kathy Tyler

Gilbert, AZ

And if you are already an established, successful home inspector, consider this an invite to step up to the Mastermind Inspector Community’s highest levels. Here’s the experience of another MIC member…

“136% Increase in Revenue…”

“We ended the year at a 92% increase in inspections and a 136% increase in revenue. If you had told us at our first 3 Days [of Secrets Revealed] we would have over $230,000 in gross sales at the end of 2014, we would have thought it impossible.”

Scott Stutler

Crestview, FL

And these aren’t the only people that have experienced the Life-Changing Power of my 3 Days Of Secrets Revealed Bootcamp. I’ve heard this type of story over and over again, too many times to recall…

And that’s why I know, that whether I was charging $5000 or $50,000 to attend this one-of-a-kind event, it would be worth every single cent. But I’m offering this opportunity of a lifetime to you for far less…

I Am A Man Of My Word

I stand behind everything that I bring to the table, and I’m not going to let a little thing like the price of admission get in the way of YOUR Success…

“How to At Least Tenfold Your Return on Investment… Guaranteed!” RISK FREE

Take Me Up on My RISK FREE offer to point you to overlooked opportunities in your Business, Hand You Ready-To-Use and Incredibly Powerful Strategies For Magnetically Attracting Lots of New Customers and Clients… Selling More, More Often To Current Customers. More on this Guarantee below, but first…

For Those Of You Who Have Never Heard Of Me…

Let me be so bold as to tell you a little about myself. I have been called everything from an “angel” to a “marketing guru”, helping people in hundreds of different situations in the home inspection industry. I currently coach hundreds of home inspectors across North America as they take their businesses to the next level.

In February of 2004 for the first time ever I held a 3-Day Seminar designed specifically to help inspectors market themselves and their companies. My clients range from brand new inspectors in the industry to solo operations that were looking for a boost to multi-inspector operations that were looking to take their businesses to the million-dollar mark and beyond…

“Our First Ever $1,000 Day, $5,000 Week…”

“I wanted to say thank you to the MIC community for motivating and providing direction. The organization and marketing
that I have been able to implement in a short time (approx. 2 months) has enabled me to live a happier life with my family and have a more profitable and higher revenue business. I have gone from doing and average of $750 a week when I first joined to having my first $1k day (after expenses) scheduled (Monday December 1st) and my first $5k week scheduled (December 1-7).
I am looking forward to the journey of reaching our goal of $1m/yr and beyond.”

Jason Wigginton

Ocala, FL

Advanced Strategies For The Single Man Operation…

There’s the single man operation that joined us looking to build his business. He went from less than $2000 a month last year to over $10,000 a month this year during the summer. He is now looking to hire someone as his first inspector to start building his multi-inspector firm.

How To Grow A Multi-Inspector Firm…

Or, there’s the multi-inspector firm that was looking to grow and was working himself into the ground. For the last three years his business had remained level, almost stagnate, I was thrilled to hear him talk last month about how he was able to take a ten day vacation for the first time in a long time and even while he was gone his business continues to grow and run smoothly…

Take Your Business To New Heights…

Or, there’s the multi-inspector firm that will now hit over a million dollars this year for the first time as they come close to doubling their business and they are enjoying the business so much more now as husband and wife team begin to understand how to work on the business instead of just working in the business…

“More Than Doubled Last Year…”

“I had my best year ever! Closed out the year with 416 inspections and $163,000.00 versus last year of 188 and $78,000.00.
What a ride it’s been!”

Bobby Hamilton

Austintown, OH

Are YOU ready?

When I first offered my 3-Day Secrets Revealed Seminar I wondered if people were ready for it. Could they understand and appreciate what it takes to become a millionaire inspector? Were they ever! I was overwhelmed to say the least at the reception we received. There were over 100 of some of the top inspection companies in the world in attendance and everyone walked away with new ideas to grow their businesses.

We Are At It Again…

Many people then and since then have asked us if we were going to do it again. Well the answer is YES… ONLY even better. More on this in a moment.

With a need so strong in our industry for inspectors to have a source that will teach them marketing secrets and business building techniques that have remained secrets for years, it is time to once again offer those that are ready to move to the next level the opportunity to see what they missed out on up until now.

Why Am I Doing This? Because…

I want to make sure as many inspectors as possible can enjoy building and running their inspection businesses, just as I have. I am able to work with my older daughter side by side (she’s now the business manager of our businesses). I also have the pleasure of watching my oldest son, a third generation home inspector, working as the general manager of our 7-figure inspection firm. You’ll hear both of them at the 3 Days of Secrets Revealed sharing some of the latest, greatest, most-effective marketing strategies we’re employing right now…

“64% Increase In Inspections…”

“I closed the year yesterday afternoon with my last inspection totaling at 440, nice increase from last year’s total of 268! Thanks for everyone’s support and let’s all have an even better year [next year]!”

Charles Bulfer

Las Vegas, NV

But It Wasn’t Always So…

There was a time when I went to a job that literally worked me over. It required me to work every holiday and since I was on salary it didn’t matter how many hours I worked, and I worked a lot. People were promoted in front of me many times, and I didn’t understand why. Sometimes it seemed like my bosses just wanted to see how far they could push me before I quit. It was a challenging and painful time and a time when I was forced to make some tough decisions. Some of those decisions lead me to a number of discoveries.

I Couldn’t Believe What I Was Learning…

I had gone to college and obtained a marketing degree with additional computer training and that didn’t come near to helping me understand what was to come later. It wasn’t until I was willing to invest in myself and put some secrets into practice that I started to reap rewards that most people only dream about. I was lucky in some ways. I had a friend recommend a book to me that opened a door…

“8 Years Of Growth…”

“Our number of inspections so far this year is about 25% over last year.

Our gross revenue so far this year is about 33% over last year.”

Stan & Shanna Audette

Boise, ID

Once Inside That Door I Discovered The Path To Success…

And along that path, because of mentors, discovered that there were a number of secrets to being successful that they don’t teach you in school. Since then I have owned and successfully run three different businesses I sold and was able to walk away from with a better life. I feel so blessed by having been given this chance to do this. (And since, my family and I have built a second successful 7-figure+ inspection firm)…

When I talk with other business owners I am surprised how many don’t know even some of the basic secrets that lead me to these successes. After helping the national company that bought my million dollar inspection company understand what made me successful and handing them many of my secrets which took my area alone to close to $2 million dollars that year and was growing at 40% over the previous year I decided it was time to take it to the next level…

Another door was opened in my life and I resigned and understood it was time to give back and let others in on the steps that I took to success and to show them how I accomplished this. This was quite a revelation, because I learned while in business to hold these secrets close to the breast so my competitors could not use them against me. In fact many of these secrets are still used today in markets across the country by the national company that I worked with and many other companies that attended my seminar last year. In truth though I had learned a secret that allowed me to create new ideas faster than my competition could keep up with, even when they did figure some of them out.

So It Is Time… Time To Share These Secrets And Help You To Help Yourself…

…to some of the riches life has to offer. I’m not just talking about more money, although that certainly opens up some fun doors. I’m talking about more freedom in life, to enjoy more of what you want away from work – time with your family and other loved ones, more time to dedicated to the causes and organizations you care about, more free time in general… I can’t wait to share these secrets with you…

“Increased My Business Over 300% The First Year…”

“I went to a… convention in Orlando and attended a class on how to improve your inspection business… During that class Mike made me want to know more. I went on a couple of teleclasses with him to find out more. Right after that I went to a 3 Days of Secrets [Revealed] and was blown away with his passion, knowledge, and connections in the home inspector business. We all need some guidance. Mike gave me one simple thing that changed my business. BIG BANG MARKETING!!!! I took his idea to the next level and increased my business over 300% the first year.”

Bob Massanova

Venice, FL

If You Truly Want To Make More Money And Have A Better Life Doing Home Inspections, I Can Help You. Continue Reading This Letter Immediately…

The last 14 years, we’ve been holding annual 3 Days of Secrets Revealed conferences for inspectors where we have given away secrets that have literally transformed home inspection businesses across the U.S. and Canada. Don’t let this one pass you by. We’ve literally handed the secrets that I have used over the past 30 years to grow my home inspection business to well over a million dollars to over a hundred inspectors, and it is changing this industry forever. Now we are ready to do it again and this time take it to the next level.In fact the secrets that I’m going to reveal at this seminar will teach you how to increase your business to any size you want! Just like I did. You’ll hear how I went from a near broke struggling home inspector to a 6 figure a month success. I started to be successful when I started to learn how to get lots and lots of new clients and customers. I nearly went broke using advertising and marketing that all home inspectors use. Until I learned secret marketing techniques that bring in tons of good quality customers.

The Real Truth About Home Inspections Is…

You could be the absolute best home inspector in your area, even in the world, BUT you’d go broke without a steady stream of new clients and customers…

Being a Good Inspector Is Not Good Enough

I know this shouldn’t be true but it is. The fact is – being a successful home inspector today has more to do with marketing and advertising than it has to do with a good home inspection. You can fight this – and go broke. I did. For 2 years I fought this. I thought I was so good that I’d have a ton of customers, but I was wrong! DEAD WRONG!

When I started I really thought that if I was a good home inspector, I would have plenty of customers. So I got my training and my tools. I studied technique. I practiced, studied and practiced some more to become a damn good inspector. I went to all the seminars, got all the training I could – everything. I even became a Director and eventually President of my state’s trade association, TAREI. I wanted to be the best inspector I could be. I practiced so much because I honestly believed that if I were the best inspector, everyone would want to use me. Let me tell you, it just isn’t true. All of my intense training and superior skills meant nothing because I didn’t have anybody to inspect for. I didn’t have lots of customers. I didn’t even have enough to make ends meet…

I Was Good But I Was Broke…

Through all the tons of training I took, no one ever taught me how to get customers. In thick manuals with good technical information, there were about 2 pages of information on how to get new customers. That’s it. At first I thought the “technical experts” only gave us this little bit of information on getting customers because once you were good, customers would line up at your door. I soon realized that they don’t teach us how to get tons of customers, because they don’t know or didn’t want me to know. And believe me, I tried everything they suggested in their 2 pages and a million other things. Nothing worked. No one was there to help me. I didn’t know how to get new customers.

I’ll Teach You How To Get All The Clients You Want At This Seminar…

I was on my own. Frankly, I almost got out of this business because I was so broke. I was really close to getting out but then I made an amazing discovery. After I tried all of the ways that the “technical experts” teach, I started trying my own methods. All along I had been trying new ways to get customers and none of them had worked up until then.

Learn A New Way To Get Customers – That Really Works!

Then something amazing happened. With help from my dad, we discovered a marketing strategy that started to work. Then another. I was catching on. After tons of trial and error, I had finally figured out what worked. I knew how to get a constant stream of new customers…

One Strategy Alone Pulls In 4 to 7 New Customers Every Week!

I fine-tuned it and now it pulls in an average of 4 to 7 new customers a week. Consistently. Every single week. But I didn’t stop there. I created and used many, many more marketing strategies. I fine-tuned each one so that each would bring in the maximum number of new customers. It took a lot of time and money, but it was worth it…

Now, I Get Tons Of Customers!

Once I started to figure out what worked and what didn’t work, I started making money. Lots of money. Good-bye hard times! When I started using these “secret marketing strategies” I went from barely $2,000 a month to over $12,000 a month during the earlier years and up to over $116,000 a month when I decided to sell to a national company that wanted the company more than I thought.

They made me an offer and I asked for more, a lot more, and they said yes. The Lord has a sense of humor some days. Not bad for a guy that was dead broke not that long ago. My strategies aren’t difficult. Anybody can do them if you know what they are. And get this… Once you learn these marketing tricks, you’ll be light years ahead of your competition, because 99.9% of all home inspectors don’t have a clue as to what these techniques are, let alone how to make them work…

Learn My Marketing Secrets and Dominate Your Competition…

Here is what one inspectors I’ve taught my marketing strategies to has to say about them…

“Already 75 Inspections Over Last Year…”

“All the things I was told could happen when I joined MIC are happening now and it’s just a testament to listening, following direction, and implementing – it’s really been a blessing. My family, we have done some things that we’ve never been able to do before and it’s really been incredible and I know it is only going to get better – (in August) we are already 75 inspections over what we did all of last year and we still have a lot of time left this year.”

Troy Pappas

Virginia Beach, VA

I Want You To Stop Struggling To Make A Decent Living, So At This Seminar I’ll Show You How To…

Make More Money In A Week Than You Now Sweat To Make All Month Long…

When I starting using emotional direct response marketing, I soon had 3 good jobs a day. I was making $5,000 a month and then $7,000 then $10,000 a month, even $12,000 a month with only one van. What a great feeling.

Get A Flood Of New Clients…

My methods of marketing will blow you away with a flood of new customers every day wanting you to inspect their homes. Gone will be the days of waiting for the phone to ring and hoping to have a good week. And I’ll teach you exactly how to do this at the seminar.

Have You Ever Dreamed Of This Situation?

You drive to your new office. You have a tastefully done sign out front. Everyone who drives by sees your sign. You see your sparkling clean truck in the lot. It has a new painted sign that everyone can see driving around all day. Your inspector says ‘Hi, I’m booked up all day’. He’s wearing a nice clean logo shirt.You walk in and your office manager says ‘Good morning Mike’ and hands you the schedule. The first appointment is with Mrs. Greene. The Greene’s were referred to you by a top producing agent and they are buying a $275,000 dollar home and need to have it inspected. Her husband is a doctor and she is very nice. It’s a $420 job.The rest of the jobs are just as good. Most of the inspections have add on inspections which adds more money to every job. Several of the jobs are requests for a particular inspector that is doing things the way you trained him. A big smile comes across your face. You remember when you didn’t have good jobs like these all week. Now you have 15 inspectors with jobs like that everyday.

This is what it’s like to have fun being an inspector and a business owner. Everyone should feel this way at work.

How Do You Get To Be This Successful?

There is only one way to get there…

You Must Learn And Use… Effective Marketing Strategies…

I will show you how to do this and more during the 3 Days of Secrets Revealed. I wish there had been someone teaching me these money making strategies when I was starting. ‘Reinventing’ the wheel is a heck of a lot more time consuming. And with all the trials and errors – it’s a lot more expensive…

Marketing Strategies You’ll Learn At The Seminar:

  • How to Make $700 More Per Week By Targeting Upscale Homes
  • How To Make Your Advertising Money Work Harder and More Effectively For You
  • How To Stop Wasting Money On Ads And Quit Being The Prey Of Advertising Reps
  • How To Educate Your Customers So They Want You to Inspect Their Homes When They Call
  • How To Keep Your Current Agents Coming Back! They’ll Never Look For Another Inspector Again
  • How To Get Agents To Refer You Like Crazy! 70% Of Your Clients Will Come From Referrals
  • How To ‘Wow’ Your Customers and Why This Will Insure Your Success!
  • How To Never Waste Another Dollar On Useless Advertising
  • What A USP Is and Why It Will Make All Your Advertising and Marketing Hugely Successful
  • The Easiest Way To Almost Instantly Double Your Business
  • How To Double Your Profits On Almost Every Job
  • How To Say Good-bye To ‘Pressuring’ Customers – Learn How To Get Customers To Want Your Services

That’s Only A Fraction Of My Marketing Secrets

If you used just one strategy from this seminar, you’d be making a lot more money. Of course all of these strategies work like crazy.

“$371,995.00 Increase In 1 Year…”

“Using what we learned at 3 Days of Secrets Revealed, Big Bang Marketing, and the advice of our Platinum group, we went from 460 inspections and $176,945 gross revenue last year to a whopping 1,242 inspections and
$548,940.00 this year.”

Tom Frey

Riverview, FL

Already Convinced? Click Here To Sign Up Now…

Laugh In The Face Of A Bad Economy

My marketing strategies laugh in the face of a bad economy. There are plenty of people out there that still buy homes even in a bad economy. You just have to know how to get them to use you. I’ll teach you. When I started using these strategies, my city was in a recession. Big Time. These strategies worked then and they still work.

Say Good-Bye To Your Competitors

You have lots of competitors – no problem. 99% of all inspectors don’t know how to use marketing strategies that bring in tons and tons of customers. After this seminar, you’ll know.For Example: Using these strategies has put more than one of my competitors out of business and others are not doing well. The only difference between them and me was my marketing strategies.

You Say You’ve Got No Money To Spend On Advertising? Not A Problem…

I’ll show you some of the strategies that cost nothing to get started. These strategies take a little bit more time, but if you’re broke you probably have lots of time. I know I did. Then once they start making you money, you can start doing some of the other strategies.

You’d Waste More Money On Advertising That Doesn’t Work Than You’d Spend On This One Power-Packed Seminar

You’ll probably waste hundreds if not thousands of dollars this year on ads that don’t work. If you add up your yellow page ad, and all of the other trinkets that you call marketing – you’ll realize that you waste a heck of a lot of money on stuff that just doesn’t work. Save all that money you would have wasted and instead become a student of emotional direct response marketing. If you do, you’ll be making $125,000 per year in no time.

“How Long Will It Take To See Results?”

Some of the strategies will get results immediately. You can start using them today and will see results today. Others will take a week to 10 days and some others will take a few months. Within 6 months, you won’t be able to remember how it felt to not have enough business…

“Well On Our Way To $1 Million…”

“We attended 3 Days of Secrets Revealed for the first time in 2016 – it blew our expectations away! We joined Platinum and had our best year ever! December 2016 was not far from doubling December 2015! We ended the year with $759,618.00 in revenue and well on our way to $1 million in 2017.”

Wes and Kristy Mast

Magnolia, DE

You Can Learn My Marketing Secrets

This special seminar will be 3 full days of marketing secrets that will set your mind on fire. Soon, you’ll be a marketing maniac just like me. I’ll be teaching you my marketing secrets that took me from near broke to over $116,000 a month and 15 inspectors. You’ll never have to feel confused about advertising again. You’ll know exactly what is making you money and learn to stop the advertising that is putting a huge hole in your pocket.At the end of the seminar, you’ll be able to take control of your business and grow it to whatever level you desire. Your growth won’t be choked by a depressed economy, competitors, or capital.

Once you learn my marketing secrets, you’ll know how to succeed even in a bad economy, even with lots of competitors and with little or no capital.

“What Makes Your Marketing Strategies So Special?”

Lots. These are not the same old things everyone is doing. My strategies get people to call you and want you to inspect their homes. Your prospects will be convinced that you are the best inspector in town. They won’t go shopping for another inspector.The difference between my marketing is that – well quite simply, it works. The same old stuff that everyone is using, advertising price, just doesn’t work.I did the hard part for you. Everything is perfected. You don’t need to ‘reinvent the wheel’. And you can learn it for just a fraction of what it cost me.The seminar is a full three days of marketing and selling secrets. It is going to be Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday – the 25th, 26th and 27th of February in the Dallas / Fort Worth , TX area. When you sign up you will be notified of the location of the seminar (bootcamp). For a seminar like this, you’d expect to pay an arm and a leg – and it’d be worth it. This amazing seminar is only $1997.00 $1497.90 dollars (EDIT: Keep reading to see the Early Bird Registration Discount that I’m offering you as a Dream Team member). The reason that it is so affordable is because there are a number of sponsors that are helping to sponsor the 3 Days of Secrets Revealed. They have paid a lot of the expenses because they want you to increase your business and they know this seminar will teach you just how to do that. Remember to thank them when in 6 months you have doubled your business.

WARNING: We are only making room for 150 inspectors to be able to attend this seminar. So room is limited and this event will be sold out. If you miss it then you will have to wait another whole year if we even make it available again…

Some Of The Speakers And Topics You'll Hear At This 3 Days Of Secrets Revealed...

Start Pulling In Commercial Clients Now

One half of our dynamic Platinum Select coaching team, veteran Rob Hopkin has an amazing success story. He went from struggling inspector to owner of one of the most successful inspection companies in the Community. This year, Rob will reveal the ins and outs of a market that is often largely overlooked by home inspectors and is one of the major contributors to his continued success - Commercial Inspections. Discover how and why you should be tapping into this lucrative source of revenue, what it takes to be successful in this market space, and how you can start pulling in commercial clients now.

Targeting The Most Successful Agents

In the Mastermind Inspector Community, we're pretty big on Maven Marketing. You've probably heard Mike talk about how you can often get multiple inspections from a Maven for the same marketing dollars it would have taken you to book one inspection if you were going after individual clients. Who can refer you even more inspections than your average Maven? The most successful, top-producing Mavens. Now, Platinum Member Nick Moomaw has devised and implemented a new strategy that's highly effective at doing just that - going after the most successful Mavens who can refer you the absolute maximum amount of inspections. It's so effective in fact, that when Mike heard him talking about it, he offered to bonus Nick's team! And now, Nick's agreed to share this strategy with all of us at this year's 3 Days of Secrets Revealed!

Metamorphosis of a Small Business

Blaise Ingrisano not only has a successful inspection business with his wife Christine, but they are also the amazing Coaches of Platinum Advantage. If you’ve been to the 3 Days of Secrets Revealed in the past, you’ve probably seen Blaise or Christine share important strategies on everything from event marketing to Big Bang Marketing. This year, Blaise will take the stage to present “Metamorphosis of a Small Business.” What changes should you expect along the way to a more successful business? What HAS to change before you can reach the next step? What can you do to avoid common pitfalls, and how can you make sure that once you've surpassed your goals it's everything that you wanted in the first place? Don't miss this powerful session where Blaise will reveal a no-frills look at the truth about what it really means when your small business starts to grow.

No Flood Verifications and Marketing Pods

If you attended last year's 3 Days of Secrets Revealed, you may remember that Platinum Member Ricki Lange shared how she utilized her now-famous strategy "Marketing Pods" to increase referrals in her business more than ever before. She's back this year to not only share an update on how she continues to tweak and use this effective strategy, but also to share details on an important and profitable disaster response service that allows you to provide communities with peace of mind when they need it the most: No Flood Verification.

Growth Means Success - Are You Ready? Next Steps For Business Growth Revealed

Platinum Supreme Coach John Tyler and his wife Kathy are no strangers to success. They won the Platinum Better Your Best Contest in 2014 and walked away with the grand prize! You've likely seen John Tyler take the stage before, and this year he's back to present "The Future of Growth is Back." Plenty of people have been clinging to reports of market doom and gloom in recent years (even though John and the other successful Mastermind Inspector Community Members you'll be hearing at this event prospered in spite of what the naysayers were touting). John will talk about this and will reveal multiple reasons why our industry is prime for growth and prosperity in ways that it never has been before!

5 Things To Grow

Platinum Supreme Coach Dan Deist has accomplished some amazing things in our profession (not the least of which is creating one of the greatest ways that we've ever seen to get into and start marketing to difficult offices - SignTraker). We talk a lot about "taking your business to the next level" in the Mastermind Inspector Community. But isn't that easier said than done? Dan will demystify the general concept of "growing" your business by outlining 5 specific, trackable areas of your business you can grow and will show you the strategies you will employ to do it.

Big Bang Marketing: Explained

Platinum Members Stan and Shanna Audette have been contributing to the Community for several years, and you may have even read one of Stan's information packed articles in the Success Breakthroughs Newsletter! During this year's "Big Bang Marketing: Explained" session, Stan will take the stage to share the ins and outs of exactly how he utilizes Big Bang Marketing to keep the referrals rolling in, and how you can too!

Exact Scripts To Book Higher Priced Inspections & Higher Price Scripts 

Platinum Select Coaches Rob and Michelle Hopkin have an amazing story of how they implemented things they learned from past 3 Days of Secrets Revealed bootcamps, the Mastermind Inspector Community, and Platinum to grow their hugely successful inspection business. At this year’s 3 Days of Secrets Revealed, Michelle will be covering two amazingly important topics that should be required knowledge for any inspector that is serious about growing their business. In the "Power of Cross Training", Michelle reveal a practical strategy for ensuring your growing business will never be completely caught of guard, and in "Exact Scripts To Book Higher Priced Inspections", she'll show you the exact scripts you should be using to get your clients to spend more money with you for services they already need.

Profit And Loss: "6 + 2B + 1 = $1 Million"

Platinum Excel Coach Jeff Donaldson is an expert when it comes to knowing and effecting the important numbers in his successful inspection business. He’s also helped many MIC members through this same process, because at the end of the day, there's one major determining factor as to whether or not you can keep the door to your business open: Profit and Loss. This year, Jeff takes the stage to share his first hand experience and expertise on this key aspect of any business, and he'll show you exactly how and why the important formula "6 + 2B + 1 = $1 Million" is so integral to building a successful home inspection business.

The $300,000.00 Man

These days, we like to call Platinum Member Hank Richter "The $300,000.00 Man." People sometimes think that the Mastermind Inspector Community is only about growing multi-inspector firms, and although there can be certain advantages to going that way, we have plenty of members that effectively utilize our strategies and the knowledge of their fellow Community members to grow highly-successful single-man operations. And none so more than Hank, who as his company's sole inspector, has surpassed the $300,000.00 mark in annual revenue! In this session, Hank will reveal the biggest strategies he's used to achieve this, and how you can too.

Recovery Funds & Effectively Dealing With Common Employee Issues

Platinum Achievers Coach Phil LeBlanc has had some amazing successes in the business. You may have heard of how he once experienced a 6 figure annual increase in gross revenue in a market with over 50 bank failures! But that's just the tip of the iceberg, and one thing we love about Phil is how willing he is to share his secrets to success with other Community Members. That's why, this year, we've asked Phil to share this must-have strategy for anyone who is or is thinking about becoming a multi-inspector firm: the Recovery Fund. Phil will explain the correct way to go about setting up and employing this invaluable tool, as well as offering up practical, real-world advice for going beyond the Recovery Fund and handling issues that go hand-in-hand with having employees. It's easy to contain and eliminate (or downright prevent) these common issues when you are simply equipped to handle them, and Phil will show you exactly how to do it.

Follow the Steps: Zero to Hero

When Chris Lange started with the Community, he was doing zero inspections. Now, it would be difficult for anyone to believe that he hadn't always been successful. Chris and Ricki are killing it! In this session, Chris will be sharing the step-by-step process he went through to go from doing zero inspections to becoming a hero in his business. If you're struggling right now, if you've taken a step back in your business, or if you've never quite been able to break free from the doubters in your life or the negative voices in your head, this is a session that could change your life. There won't be any mysteries here. Chris will outline exactly how he did it and the specific steps to follow so that you to can do it!

Never Take "No" For An Answer 

Platinum Select Coaches Rob and Michelle Hopkin will also be taking the stage to share 1 simple strategy that can change the course of your business forever. You'll discover the most common areas of the business where inspectors settle for less, the true cost of giving in or not paying attention, and how refusing to take "no" for an answer is most often the difference between those who succeed more than they ever though possible in this business and those who are sadly forced to close up shop.

*Speakers and topics are subject to change.

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