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FEBRUARY 19th – 22nd, 2018   |   DALLAS, TEXAS

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Some Of The Speakers And Topics At The 2018 3 Days Of Secrets Revealed…

The Power of Sublimation

Bob Massanova Coaches Platinum Xtreme along with Jerry Linkhorn. His first year of being a member of the MIC, Bob grew his inspection business 300% using the power of Big Bang Marketing, and he hasn’t taken his foot off the gas yet. This year, in “The Power of Sublimation,” Bob will show you how he's used one of the most effective marketing strategies available to home inspectors, and how you can utilize it to get the same results!

Commercial Inspections

One half of our dynamic Platinum Select coaching team, veteran Rob Hopkin has an amazing success story. He went from struggling inspector to owner of one of the most successful inspection companies in the Community. This year, Rob will reveal the ins and outs of a market that is often largely overlooked by home inspectors and is one of the major contributors to his continued success - Commercial Inspections. Discover how and why you should be tapping into this lucrative source of revenue, what it takes to be successful in this market space, and how you can start pulling in commercial clients now.

Metamorphosis of a Small Business

Blaise Ingrisano not only has a successful inspection business with his wife Christine, but they are also the amazing Coaches of Platinum Advantage. If you’ve been to the 3 Days of Secrets Revealed in the past, you’ve probably seen Blaise or Christine share important strategies on everything from event marketing to Big Bang Marketing. This year, Blaise will take the stage to present “Metamorphosis of a Small Business.” What changes should you expect along the way to a more successful business? What HAS to change before you can reach the next step? What can you do to avoid common pitfalls, and how can you make sure that once you've surpassed your goals it's everything that you wanted in the first place? Don't miss this powerful session where Blaise will reveal a no-frills look at the truth about what it really means when your small business starts to grow.

No Flood Verifications and Marketing Pods

If you attended last year's 3 Days of Secrets Revealed, you may remember that Platinum Member Ricki Lange shared how she utilized her now-famous strategy "Marketing Pods" to increase referrals in her business more than ever before. She's back this year to not only share an update on how she continues to tweak and use this effective strategy, but also to share details on an important and profitable disaster response service that allows you to provide communities with peace of mind when they need it the most: No Flood Verification.

The Future of Growth is Back

Platinum Supreme Coach John Tyler and his wife Kathy are no strangers to success. They won the Platinum Better Your Best Contest in 2014 and walked away with the grand prize! You've likely seen John Tyler take the stage before, and this year he's back to present "The Future of Growth is Back."
Plenty of people have been clinging to reports of market doom and gloom in recent years (even though John and the other successful Mastermind Inspector Community Members you'll be hearing at this event prospered in spite of what the naysayers were touting). John will talk about this and will reveal multiple reasons why our industry is prime for growth and prosperity in ways that it never has been before!

5 Things To Grow

Platinum Supreme Coach Dan Deist has accomplished some amazing things in our profession (not the least of which is creating one of the greatest ways that we've ever seen to get into and start marketing to difficult offices - SignTraker). We talk a lot about "taking your business to the next level" in the Mastermind Inspector Community. But isn't that easier said than done? Dan will demystify the general concept of "growing" your business by outlining 5 specific, trackable areas of your business you can grow and will show you the strategies you will employ to do it.

Big Bang Marketing: Explained

Last year, Platinum Members  Bruce and Carol Fisher shared with all of us their extraordinary story of how and why their business has grown. One of the reasons was their unique and innovative take on Big Bang Marketing! During this year's "Big Bang Marketing: Explained" session, Carol is once again taking the stage to share the ins and outs of exactly how she utilizes Big Bang Marketing to keep the referrals rolling in, and how you can too!

Profit And Loss: "6 + 2B + 1 = $1 Million"

Platinum Excel Coach Jeff Donaldson is an expert when it comes to knowing and effecting the important numbers in his successful inspection business. He’s also helped many MIC members through this same process, because at the end of the day, there's one major determining factor as to whether or not you can keep the door to your business open: Profit and Loss. This year, Jeff takes the stage to share his first hand experience and expertise on this key aspect of any business, and he'll show you exactly how and why the important formula "6 + 2B + 1 = $1 Million" is so integral to building a successful home inspection business.

The $300,000.00 Man

These days, we like to call Platinum Member Hank Richter "The $300,000.00 Man." People sometimes think that the Mastermind Inspector Community is only about growing multi-inspector firms, and although there can be certain advantages to going that way, we have plenty of members that effectively utilize our strategies and the knowledge of their fellow Community members to grow highly-successful single-man operations. And none so more than Hank, who as his company's sole inspector, has surpassed the $300,000.00 mark in annual revenue! In this session, Hank will reveal the biggest strategies he's used to achieve this, and how you can too.

Recovery Funds & Effectively Dealing With Common Employee Issues

Platinum Achievers Coach Phil LeBlanc has had some amazing successes in the business. You may have heard of how he once experienced a 6 figure annual increase in gross revenue in a market with over 50 bank failures! But that's just the tip of the iceberg, and one thing we love about Phil is how willing he is to share his secrets to success with other Community Members. That's why, this year, we've asked Phil to share this must-have strategy for anyone who is or is thinking about becoming a multi-inspector firm: the Recovery Fund. Phil will explain the correct way to go about setting up and employing this invaluable tool, as well as offering up practical, real-world advice for going beyond the Recovery Fund and handling issues that go hand-in-hand with having employees. It's easy to contain and eliminate (or downright prevent) these common issues when you are simply equipped to handle them, and Phil will show you exactly how to do it.

Follow the Steps: Zero to Hero

When Chris Lange started with the Community, he was doing zero inspections. Now, it would be difficult for anyone to believe that he hadn't always been successful. Chris and Ricki are killing it! In this session, Chris will be sharing the step-by-step process he went through to go from doing zero inspections to becoming a hero in his business. If you're struggling right now, if you've taken a step back in your business, or if you've never quite been able to break free from the doubters in your life or the negative voices in your head, this is a session that could change your life. There won't be any mysteries here. Chris will outline exactly how he did it and the specific steps to follow so that you to can do it!

Building & Sustaining Profitable Relationships and the Power of the "Get Over It" Rule

Since joining the Mastermind Inspector Community, Platinum Xtreme Coach Jerry Linkhorn has experienced around a solid decade of business growth! Besides constantly becoming more successful, Jerry is also a master at building and sustaining profitable relationships, and he'll pull back the curtain and reveal all of his most successful real-world strategies you can take and use to develop and nurture authentic relationships with all of your biggest potential referral sources. PLUS... Jerry shares the power of the "Get Over It" rule, and why it's maybe the most important rule you can employ as a small business owner!

The Power of Cross Training & Higher Price Scripts 

Platinum Select Coaches Rob and Michelle Hopkin have an amazing story of how they implemented things they learned from past 3 Days of Secrets Revealed bootcamps, the Mastermind Inspector Community, and Platinum to grow their hugely successful inspection business. At this year’s 3 Days of Secrets Revealed, Michelle will be covering two amazingly important topics that should be required knowledge for any inspector that is serious about growing their business. In the "Power of Cross Training", Michelle reveal a practical strategy for ensuring your growing business will never be completely caught of guard, and in "Higher Price Scripts", she'll show you the exact scripts you should be using to get your clients to spend more money with you for services they already need.

*Speakers and topics are subject to change.

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Protecting Home Inspectors From Meritless Claims

NOTE: A legal enterprise that understands the inner workings of the home inspection industry and the meritless claim epidemic that often finds home inspectors just like you fighting for your professional reputation and livelihood. Services include membership-based Claim Intercept services and pre-inspection agreement reviews.

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